вторник, 11 апреля 2017 г.

What to wear to coachella

Coachella is coming so it's time to decide what to wear. Although I don't go to the festival I'd like to make my "go-to-coachella list". For inspiration I choose StyleWe, it is an fashion platform providing clothes from independent designers. You can find here any style you want. 
The coachella outfit is light, loose and comfy in my head. You shouldn't be too hot or too cold. I immidiately imagine petite tunic tops. You can choose top with different prints, materials (metallic one is super trendy) or with a band on it.   

Off shoulder tops also would be great, they are in big trend now. It is interesting how different designers see one trend, there are a lot of colors, layers, materials and so on. You can buy big variety of tops like these. 

And of course I like kimono so much! I did a post with a thing like this earlier. White kimono is perfect for music festival, it is like a symbol of summer and freedom.  

StyleWe is unique not only for working with designers but they would like to create a community, they share ideas and tips in blog. I was reading their blog all night and found really interesting and topical post. Jean for big thighs is about what you should do to look perfect in your jeans. I think it happened to every girl when cool jeans don't fit you at all. So decision is in this article.